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I can only assume this post is going to be huge but that’s okay because COMIC CON.

I didn’t follow too much of it as it was happening, but of course I caught sightings of some seriously awesome stuff. Today, I finally sat down and watched all the trailers I cared about and my word am I excited. First and foremost:


Yeah yeah, NBC moved Hannibal to Saturdays because, much like Hannibal himself,  it’s not enough that they had to kill it, they had to kill it AGAIN. I’m understanding how Will felt.

Anyway, the trailer was definitely more spoiler-heavy than anticipated, but it’s not any of the things you don’t already know happens. It’s just surprising to see it happening so quickly (which I guess I should be thankful for, considering it’s ending. 🙁 .)  I really love Richard Armitage. I mean, he plays a prideful grim dwarf very well so I can only assume he’d play a great serial killing psycho. Same thing, right? And Zachary Quinto seems to be a good neurotic patient who doesn’t trust Bedelia. Which…may be good intuition on his part? At this point, I’m just mad I have to wait an extra 2 days to see what happens next.


Apparently “spy-fi” is a genre? Anyway, um, I love Armie Hammer, so that’s why I want to see this. I’ve never heard of the Man From U.N.C.L.E before, didn’t know it was a TV show, and wouldn’t have cared about the movie if it wasn’t for Armie Hammer + Comic Con buzz. However, the trailer looks freaking awesome. It may not be a see-in-theaters kind of movie, but I’d definitely like to see it at some point.


Sometimes, trailers can stand alone as a work of art separate from the movie, and this is one of those trailers. The music, the clips, the lines, the story – it was SO well done that I was just gaping at my computer screen while it was on. I am so down for this movie. I know people were a little skeptical of Jared Leto as The Joker, but me and Adam were talking about it: if you saw an image of Heath Ledger without the context of his performance, he would be “eh” too. With a character like this, it’s all about the performance. Of course, some people are unsure of the tattooed rocker Joker, but I always enjoy innovative versions of things, as long as they’re done well.

Also, much like how I want to see The Man From U.N.C.L.E. for Armie Hammer, I want to see this movie for Margot Robbie. She just looks so awesome and fucked up that I can’t help but be intrigued.


Okay, so people are losing their shit over this trailer. I am not immensely invested in this as much as some people, but I am totally along for the ride and will be seeing this. I like what they’re doing with Superman – giving him the challenges of the pressure of being seen as the second coming of Jesus. I mean, yeah, talk about pressure. Also, that logo reveal is where it’s at.


Ah, my favorite part of Comic Cons. Here’s a gallery of some of my favorites:

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