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And I think the crazy may have finally settled down.

Tuesday – I opted to skip my choir rehearsal and instead go to an impromptu Cleveland Cavs game – which was a freaking blast. My mom, sister, her husband, and his brother got 4 seats in a row, and me and Adam got 2 seats behind them (are you getting all this? There will be a quiz later.) so it really couldn’t have worked out better. The atmosphere was great  apart from the drunk guy in the row above me somehow falling down into my row and onto me, and spilling beer on everyone in his vicinity, including me and my entire family. Eua de Beer would not have been my perfume of choice, but what can ya do. We won (yay) and I got to see Lebron James dunk in a playoff games with my very own eyeballs. 




Wednesday – Went for a run with my girl Em, then, as promised, practiced my choir part and had a mini panic attack that I would have to stand out in front of a lot of people. STAGE FRIGHT: ACTIVATED. See, this is why I like choirs: I can sing in front of a crowd but there’s no real pressure. I am just one of many. Except this time – where I have to stand out with 6 other girls and people will be looking at me, noooooo.

Thursday: Dress rehearsal. For 4.5 hours. I mean sweet hay-Zeus, it is difficult to do a full 8 hour work day, then immediately hit dress rehearsal for that long. Thank God there were approximately 18 trillion cookies brought in for all the guest choirs singing with us, because my blood sugar and I were not getting through that day without some sort of sustenance.

Friday: Concert day! And it went really well! I had to leave straight after work (again) for the pre-show rehearsal and let me tell you, I was running on steam at this point. You know that Broadway performers will perform 8 days a week? HOW. (I just think about how Roger Bart starred in Young Frankenstein and was only off stage for 10 minutes. HOWWWW.) My descant went well overall – except that I saw a video and I am super stiff. (STAGE FRIGHT ACTIVATION: COMPLETED AND LOGGED.) But here’s the thing… my first concert, I was super nervous just to be on stage. Now I’m totally fine on stage, but nervous for stuff like the descant. Maybe next time if I do a descant, it will be better. I remember a teacher telling me: the trick is learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Ah, from the mouths of ex-professors.

Allow me to slather my blog with cheese for a moment, and talk about the best part of that evening. We sang with a full orchestra, and 6 other choirs, ranging from elderly church choirs to children’s choirs – all equally adorable. After the concert, our choir director sent us an e-mail saying good job and what not, and…shared with us what one of the high school choir’s directors said:

…Several of my students called it “the best musical experience of their life.” It was a thrill for them to sing with an orchestra and I hope that we can collaborate again soon in the future! The Requiem left a huge impression on them and they are begging me to plan more field trips to hear larger works with orchestras.

I mean… you guys. I was bitching all week about how much work it all was but that email made it all worth it. I sing in this choir for a few reasons: 1) I love to sing. It’s kind of selfish, but I like to sing, I think my voice is alright, and it gives me a way to get in front of an audience without having a complete nervous break down. 2) There’s something kind of ethereal about mixing voices with a room full of people. I dunno, it’s weird, but I love it. 3) Probably the most important to me is the community aspect of it. Youngstown can be viewed as kind of run down and ghetto, but I think it’s beautiful and if I can be a small part of keeping music and culture in the city, then I’m happy. And that email helped me feel like I did my part.




The weekend was pretty chill in comparison. Saturday I went to a Chinese auction thingy that raised money for doggy and kitty oxygen masks for our firefighters because apparently our city has none ( 🙁 ) and Sunday I visited my sister and her husband with a few friends. I got to watch a laughing toddler run around with 2 miniature poodles, so I think that’s all I need to say about that.

(And of course, as I’m finishing up this post, I get a message from Adam detailing our itinerary for my next few weeks. So much for things getting settled down.)

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