A crazy week in review.

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And I think the crazy may have finally settled down. Tuesday – I opted to skip my choir rehearsal and instead go to an impromptu Cleveland Cavs game – which was a freaking blast. My mom, sister, her husband, and his brother got 4 seats in a row, and me and Adam got 2 seats behind… Read more »

2015 SDCC Things

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I can only assume this post is going to be huge but that’s okay because COMIC CON. I didn’t follow too much of it as it was happening, but of course I caught sightings of some seriously awesome stuff. Today, I finally sat down and watched all the trailers I cared about and my word… Read more »

Rob Thomas: The Great Unknown Concert

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My mom, sister and I have been going to Matchbox Twenty/Rob Thomas concerts since 2003. Yes, when we did the math we sat there aghast at how fast time flies and also that we might be stalkers. Regardless, we have spent a lot of our lives enjoying Rob Thomas and his various bands, though it had… Read more »

Jurassic World: Sort Of Review

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  This isn’t going to be long because I’m not going to lie, I was never a huge Jurassic Park fan. I mean, of course I’ve seen the first one, and apparently I’ve seen the second and third one, according to my sister. I have no memory of this. [Clearly I was bestowed the gift of Forgetting… Read more »

Hannibal 3:2 “Primavera” Sort Of Review

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They Sixthed-Sensed us. [Obvious spoiler warnings are obvious.] First of all, Adam and I laughed (“laughed”) at the fact that we debated watching the last episode of the last season before this season. I mean, what with EVERYONE DYING (as far as I know) I could barely handle it at the time, I was forced to watch it… Read more »

RIP Christopher Lee

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I found out this morning that Christopher Lee passed away at age 93. I turned to my coworker and said “Do you like Lord of the Rings?” He responded, “Yeah, I love it!” I tactfully replied “Christopher Lee just died.” Probably not the best way to break the news but I needed to tell someone… Read more »


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It’s happeningggggg *flails* First of all – LOOK AT JENNIFER LAWRENCE in that thumbnail! She is so gorgeous it is redonk. Second, I did not know that Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones) OR  Mahershala Ali (Remy from House of Cards) was in this! I mean, these movies have a stellar cast anyway but now… Read more »