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This morning I was listening to the radio, and there was a bit: “10 things single guys in their 30’s should stop doing.”

It was not good advice: don’t wear graphic tees, don’t have a razor scooter, stop playing Dungeons and Dragons.


What are they, enemies of joy? Graphic tees are charmingly sexy and have they ever even ridden a razor scooter? Also, there are tons of reasons NOT to stop playing D&D no matter what age you are: it’s enjoyable, it’s a social game where you can make friends, it’s a reason to get together, you get to use your imagination, you get to make inside jokes, you get to experience a different world where YOU’RE the hero – I could go on! I mean, clearly I’m biased because I love D&D but I was very annoyed at the main point of the radio bit: you’re too old do be doing the stuff you like to do. Think about how terrible that advice is. You have to stop doing things you enjoy because… of some reason that other people decided based on nothing.

The problem is, I don’t think people understand what “growing up” means. They think it means “stop doing childish things.” I think of it more as, “Learn how to take care of yourself and others, if they need it.” And if you can take care of yourself by being healthy, supporting yourself, and paying your bills AND take care of other people whether they be your children, a coworker who needs help, or a friend that needs advice, then by all means, ride your razor scooter to Toys R’ Us while eating your ice cream. You deserve it.


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