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Well, started to, anyway.

I still have a lot of things I want to do to make it prettier, but it’s definitely an improvement from where it was. Before, I was just kind of lazy and like “eh, logo there, pinkish color cuz it’s cool I guess, and boom, done.”

But I basically changed my whole brand to have more of a bright, summery feel because those are the colors I’m drawn to most. I like fun and vibrant things (pay no mind to the Hannibal post directly below this) and wanted to express that. I really try not to take myself seriously, so anything playful is A-OK by me. Like robots and dragons.

So I actually spent time making a header with my little creature illustrations. I had a dinosaur up there, but I replaced him with a dragon because fantasy is the love of my life, and a dragon represents that much better. I still love Mr. Dino, and I need a place for him. Maybe the footer?

I want to figure out a “post header” situation. All of my posts have headers with abstract photos, but I’m not convinced I like them, especially now with the new look. I think something a little more “brand appropriate” needs to be working, as soon as…you know, I think of what that is.

I definitely want to reorganize the navigation, and maybe later throw some of my social media up there if I care to. Also, possibly posting a photo of me in the “about me” section that I wrote up in 2 seconds.

So, a lot needs to be done still but I’m so, SO much happier with the way it looks now. If you have any thoughts or opinions, please don’t be shy!

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