2015 SDCC Things

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I can only assume this post is going to be huge but that’s okay because COMIC CON. I didn’t follow too much of it as it was happening, but of course I caught sightings of some seriously awesome stuff. Today, I finally sat down and watched all the trailers I cared about and my word… Read more »

Hannibal 3:2 “Primavera” Sort Of Review

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They Sixthed-Sensed us. [Obvious spoiler warnings are obvious.] First of all, Adam and I laughed (“laughed”) at the fact that we debated watching the last episode of the last season before this season. I mean, what with EVERYONE DYING (as far as I know) I could barely handle it at the time, I was forced to watch it… Read more »

Hannibal Season 3 Premiere!!!!

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HANNIBAL IS BACK. BONSOIR. Now, I don’t particularly plan on reviewing every episode. Mostly because I don’t want to be held accountable. Partly because I watch a lot of shows and then I’d feel obligated to do that for every show, then I’d get overwhelmed, and stop writing everything forever. Also, partly because some episodes… Read more »

The Walking Dead S2: A House Divided

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Forewarning: I am not going to consider this a review. None of the things I write on this website will be. Honestly, the reason why I am doing this is because I have a lot of feelings and thoughts about the media I experience and I want/need to get those feelings out, but I am… Read more »