RIP Christopher Lee

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I found out this morning that Christopher Lee passed away at age 93. I turned to my coworker and said “Do you like Lord of the Rings?” He responded, “Yeah, I love it!” I tactfully replied “Christopher Lee just died.” Probably not the best way to break the news but I needed to tell someone… Read more »

Now I know why cowboys/girls are sexy.

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Because damn do they work out every part of their body while riding horses. Me and my fiancé took a trip up to Jefferson, Ohio to a place named Ashley Moores Stables. It’s basically a ranch that you can stay at, ride some horses, have a bonfire, and you’re only a half hour away from… Read more »

Pretending to feel pretty is expensive.

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When I was a teenager, I went to a medieval faire on Pirate Day because I’m fly like that. What that really means is I got to wear a corset while about 400 faux Jack Sparrows drunkenly staggered by everywhere I turned. I went with a good friend of mine, who was dressed up as a… Read more »