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…so I didn’t post over the weekend or yesterday and I probably really should have because now I have a ton of things to post about and I’ll be across the country. Tonight. For over a week. Yeah, I’m sure this will go well.

I’ll try to write while I’m down there, but let’s be honest, there will be beach and ocean and sunshine and JET SKIS so I can’t promise I’ll be inside writing too much. However, a TON of stuff happened that I want to touch on briefly, and hopefully when I have time again I’ll elaborate more. Hopefully.

First of all… HANNIBAL WAS CANCELLED, WHAT THE SHIT. I was so, so very upset when I heard this, but if things go well, NBC may have actually done Hannibal a favor. They cancelled it only 3 episodes into the season on June 22. Cast contracts expire June 30. This gives the show time to get picked up by another host – please Neflix PLEASE – to continue on with more freedom. *fingers crosseddd*

Hannibal 3:03 is, uh, something I will need to do, even in light of this very annoying yet possibly uplifting who knows news.

Kingsmen – Just watched this yesterday so I’m not particularly in a rush, but I loved this movie. I also decided I have a crush on both Taron Egerton and Colin Firth.

Inside Out – Saw this on Friday and omg. adorbz. Go, go see it now.

Secret Friend Project – I’ve also been working on a project with a friend for like, 3 years omg, that I’m super excited about. We’re really hoping to see some progress and as soon as we do, I plan on posting some of my actual artwork.

Some random stuff that happened like, as I wrote this because things never stop happening:

The new Spider-Man has been announced as Tom Holland! Oh and also Miles Morales is the new Spider-Man. Yeah, I read both of these articles at the same time and was mightily confused, as Tom Holland seems to be…very Peter Parkery and not very Miles Moralesy. I’m assuming we’ll be seeing a black/latino/something Miles Morales actor soon which makes me so, SO happy. And also sad because I love Andrew Garfield and I wanted to see him interact with RDJ’s Stark so badly and this is bringing up bitter, bitter thoughts.

James Horner, composer of Titanic, Braveheart, and a thousand other things has sadly died in a plane crash. A huge amount of some of the best music in Hollywood is from this guy. Fortunately, his music will live on.

I also still need to post about 1984, The Wire: season 1, The Wire: season 2, and possibly some life events that happened if I ever get around to it. And I’ll be honest, these kind of posts are basically a cheating way for me to get something up here, while also kind of encouraging me by going “look at all the shit you need to do. LOOK AT IT.” So…whatever works, I suppose.

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